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Rylan Williams, 7, is raising money for the Alberta Children’s Hospital in support of his upcoming hair donation. Rylan will be donating his locks to Wigs for Kids B.C

Two year’s worth of hair going to Wigs for Kids

By William Cockerell
Shootin’ the Breeze Community Reporter
May 31, 2023
Pincher Creek youth Rylan Williams donating hair for Wigs for Kids and raises funds for Alberta Children’s Hospital.

A seven-year old Pincher Creek resident is raising money for the Alberta Children’s Hospital in support of his upcoming hair donation.

Rylan Williams, a Grade 1 student at St. Michael’s School in Pincher Creek, has been growing his hair out since the age of five with the intent of cutting it and donating it to Wigs for Kids B.C., an organization helping children dealing with cancer and other illnesses.

Rylan’s mother, Candice, says the decision came two years ago, when it was time to decide whether Rylan should get a haircut or grow his hair out.

“I mentioned to him that some people grow their hair long and donate it to make a wig for cancer patients. As soon as I told him this, he got super excited and he said, ‘I want to do that,’ ” Candice says. “From that day forward he never wavered on that decision.”

To coincide with his hair donation, Rylan has raised over $2,000 in support of the Alberta Children’s Hospital through the Kids Helping Kids program.  

Rylan originally set his goal at $2,000, but has since upped it to $5,000 as he continues to receive a great deal of support from the community.  

He has so far raised $2,056.

“I want to help the Children’s Hospital keep going, because I think the Alberta Children’s Hospital is the best hospital,” Rylan says. 

“It’s the best because it helps children be more comfortable and feel more at home, and to give them fun distractions from being sick.” 




Rylan will be getting his hair cut for free by Little Tee’s Hair Salon on June 9 as part of St. Michael’s sports day opening ceremony, where the entire school will be on hand to see.

“I’m just so amazed and immensely proud of him,” Candice says.

“He’s a very kind and loving boy, and this fundraiser just shows who he is.”

For those interested in helping Rylan in his support of the Alberta Children’s Hospital, the fundraiser will remain open until June 16.

Once the fundraiser is closed, Rylan and Candice have been invited to visit the hospital and do a cheque presentation with the grand total, something Rylan is very excited about.

“I feel so happy and proud that we are helping them, I want to help them as much as I can,” Rylan says.

The best way to donate to this worthy cause is by visiting Rylan’s online donation page or by contacting Candice by phone.

If you are unable to donate, you can still help Rylan out by spreading the word about his efforts so others can help out however possible.

“Thank you, everyone, for reading about my fundraiser, and thank you, everyone who has donated,” Rylan says.


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