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Two young women hold protest signs over their heads about protecting trans youth

Anti-trans youth policy proposals endanger vulnerable students

On Jan. 31, Premier Danielle Smith released a seven-minute video on X (formerly Twitter) about her alarming “gender identity” policies.

We absolutely oppose these proposed measures, which have now been widely condemned by LGBTQ2S+ advocates and medical professionals (such as the Alberta Medical Association Section of Pediatricians).

These sweeping policies specifically target young Albertans who identify as LGBTQ2S+ and outright ban their access to safe schools, health care, medicine and psychological support.

In school settings, these students’ rights to self-expression will also be banned. Queer and transgender students, especially those without affirming homes, are already vulnerable to alienation, isolation, suicide and homelessness.


"Sex ed saves lives" written on cardboard protest sign.


Smith’s policies directly multiply their risk of harm and will take away schools as a safe place for them.

The introduction of opt-in to sexual education to replace the current opt-out process will also lead to barriers for students to access comprehensive sexual health education. Knowing one’s body and how to take care of it is important for personal and interpersonal health and well-being.

In the coming months, we will help our allies in mobilizing against these policies being implemented. Please join us.

In the meantime, sign the Trans Action Alberta Coalition petition online at

Support Our Students Alberta


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