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Businesses and shoppers support Christmas contests

“You just made my Christmas,” said Peggy Johnson on hearing she was the grand prize winner in Shootin’ the Breeze’s annual Shop Local for Christmas contest.

Her comment made my day.

Even better was meeting her in person with a box of gift certificates and merchandise that was her winnings. As we went through the items, she gleefully devised how to use each one.

She doesn’t plan to use them all for herself, but to treat others who have been kind to her. This made my Christmas and I left her home with a happy heart.

Stacy Benson, now back in her role as manager of the Pincher Creek and District Chamber of Commerce, shared similar experiences of delivering prizes for the chamber’s Holiday Passport campaign.

The contests are similar but different, with both incentivizing shoppers to spend locally.


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Stacy caught the tail end of things when she returned to her position in late December after a year-long maternity leave. She says collecting entries and prizes from the businesses and handing gifts to the winners was an excellent way to go around and get her boots on the ground.

Only member businesses have the perk of participating in the chamber campaign. This year, 40 businesses donated a total of over $3,500 in prizes, which were divided into three prize packages. 

Gwen Toews was the grand prize winner, with Alysha Matheson and Cathy Spencer receiving the other two packages. More than 4,500 passports were entered, tracking $909,000 spent at the participating businesses.

As Shootin’ the Breeze serves both Pincher Creek and Crowsnest Pass, all area businesses are welcome to take part. Fifty-four did just that and were most generous, with prize donations surpassing $4,000.

Along with Peggy, Sam Valin, Diane Bowen-Oczkowski, Carole Goodreau, Susan Soloveoff, Maureen Thomson, Stef Dowdell and Curtis Trim won major gift packages. This year’s contest-in-a-contest winners were Donna Rose, Alex Ingram, Shelley Maloff, Joanne Oliver and Donna Cisar.



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Kids trick or treating in lion costumes – one roaring and one smiling on the front page of Shootin' the Breeze. Alberta news from Pincher Creek area and Crowsnest Pass.

Nov. 2, 2022

Lion’s share of fun

Ames and Miles were spotted enjoying Spooky Town and the great weather Saturday at Kootenai Brown Pioneer Village in Pincher Creek.

Farmers market offers treasure trove of summer goodies

Shoppers braved the blustery weather and intermittent showers, and stayed well into the evening. They gathered around picnic tables to listen to music and catch up with friends and relatives.

The market featured an eclectic array of items including jewelry, art, sustainable skincare products and prepared foods.

Rustic hand-woven art pieces, macrame plant hangers and pillowcases made from recycled fabric waved gently in the breeze as they hung from racks bordering the street. Handmade candles and dishcloths were tied with twine and sold in bundles. Candles, food wrappers and soap made from beeswax were transported all the way from Lethbridge.


20220622 Farmer's Market Beeswax
20220622 Farmer's Market Karen Campbell
20220622 Farmer's Market Stacy Benson
20220622 Farmer's Market Beverly Bongosia And Melanie Ayop


Spring vegetables like lettuce, radishes, chives and carrots were sold alongside homemade bread and sausage, and farm eggs. Tables and food trucks were loaded with baked goods and sweets, including Rice Krispies squares, bumbleberry pies, strawberry jelly and maple fudge.

Filipino cuisine was offered at the market for the first time. Shoppers enjoyed steamed bao buns filled with meat and fried vegetables, and spicy aioli sauce, and sipped refreshing glasses of buko juice, a drink traditionally made with coconut milk.

The market is hosted by the Pincher Creek and District Chamber of Commerce, and manager Stacy Benson said the event was just as successful as she expected.

The markets are held every Wednesday from 4 to 7 p.m. until Sept. 7. At future events, shoppers can look forward to live music and appearances from local non-profits.