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Blue WIFI icon with pink exclamation over top indicating an internet outage

Fire behind prolonged internet outage in Pincher Creek

A Jan. 9 fire that destroyed a downtown Pincher Creek business also resulted in a major outage for hundreds of Shaw internet and phone customers.

Cam Gordon, media relations director at Rogers Communications, confirmed to Shootin’ the Breeze that there was significant damage to the company’s fibre and mainline cables.

“Technicians were unable to start with repairs until fire officials and RCMP granted access to the site and the utility provider could disconnect secondary power lines,” he said.

Repair work, as it turned out, included not only replacing the damaged fibre lines but splicing the wiring, as well.

“This is highly specialized and detailed work that entails linking individual fibre strands together,” Gordon explained.

“Fibre optic cables, and the tens or hundreds of individual glass strands within those cables, are a critical part of all modern telecommunications networks that connect homes and businesses to the internet, and carry data, video and voice services.”

Downtown businesses, including banks, and the Town of Pincher Creek administrative office, were among those affected by the outage.

Service for some customers returned late in the workday on Jan. 10, with the remainder back online by mid evening.


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