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Pincher Creek Associate Clinic is offering a scholarship for students in the healthcare field.

Scholarship encourages students to pursue careers in health care

Many children imagine growing up to be nurses or doctors, but for most, it’s a youthful dream. Some will find their passions lie in other areas and some will chart an educational path to medical school. Others will fall through the cracks due to the high cost of pursuing a degree.

Students taking on the challenge face several years of dedicated study, and degrees come with a significant tuition price tag.

Knowing this up front can be discouraging and may lead some to not try, despite aptitude and desire. Bursaries and scholarships make a difference.

Dr. Kunmi Akarakiri, Dr. Bev Burton, Dr. Tracy Burton, Dr. Gavin Parker, Dr. Ashley Rommens and Dr. Jared Van Bussell — all Pincher Creek Associate Clinic physicians — have created a scholarship to support local students interested in medicine.

Continuing University of Lethbridge undergraduate students from the Town or MD of Pincher Creek or Piikani Nation are eligible for the annual Pincher Creek and Piikani Health and Medical Scholarship. It is open to students in any degree program who are pursuing a career in a health-related or medical field.

Their collective goal is to inspire and support the next generation in the medical field.


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Receiving support from their local physicians may also lead students back to their roots once their training is complete, which creates a win-win scenario for the community.

Rural health care has unique advantages and challenges. Those who have grown up in the community have insight into both.

Students in any health-related field are eligible — the scholarship is not limited to those pursuing medical school.

Last fall, the University of Lethbridge board of governors announced $10 million in funding to match new, endowed scholarships to. Their goal is to increase philanthropy and sustainable student support opportunities.

This matching will allow the Associate Clinic’s scholarship to have double the impact.

The university manages the scholarship, including reviewing applications and selecting the annual recipient.

“We want it to be fair to everyone, so the process is done completely through the university,” says Dr. Tracy Burton.

Visit the university’s awards and scholarships web page to learn more about the scholarship and its application process.



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