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Tag: Roxy seat recognition campaign

Old burgundy chairs with wooden arms in the old Roxy Theatre in Coleman.

Looking for a seat to call your own at the Roxy?

The best seat in the house is always one’s own. Those wishing to lay claim to their own spot at Coleman’s Roxy Theatre can do so with a donation. 

Crowsnest Cando recently launched its Roxy seat recognition campaign, which is intended to raise funds for the theatre by giving the general public an opportunity to donate to the revival cause.

Not only does the campaign provide a chance to make a significant contribution to this local project, it allows participants to have their names etched in the history of this iconic theatre.

In exchange for a one-off donation, seat recognition donors can choose between having their own name engraved within the theatre, dedicating it to a current family member or recognizing passed loved ones. 

A $500 contribution claims a seat in rows 11 to 15, $1,000 lands the donor in rows 5 to 10, $1,500 grabs a seat in rows 1 to 4 on the sides, while $2,000 nets a centre seat in rows 1 to 4.

“It’s just a great opportunity to support the Roxy project, so I’d encourage the community as a whole to support this campaign,” says Tim Juhlin, president of Crowsnest Cando.

“Let’s get all those seats sold and then we’ll look at other ways to continue to raise funds for the Roxy!”



Seat recognition donors will have their names placed on an early notification list for events, providing the opportunity to purchase tickets before the general public and reserve the seat they donated for.

Names will be etched on a wall rather than directly on the seats, which could be an option at a later time. 

Money raised by the campaign will go toward interior atmosphere enhancements such as chair, theatre and foyer renewals.

“We have a large number of people that are in support of this that understand how the community will benefit from this theatre in many ways,” says Tim. 

“Lots of local arts groups are showing their full support and donating towards the theatre, which is going to be a performing arts centre, and it’s going to be developed into something pretty fantastic.”

As Crowsnest Cando continues to fundraise for interior renovations and modifications, work on the exterior of the Roxy is expected to begin sometime in July.

Together with the Crowsnest Historical Society, Crowsnest Cando is working to restore the historically and culturally significant Roxy Theatre, long a staple of downtown Coleman.

To donate to the seat recognition campaign, or to learn more about the theatre’s restoration and transformation into a multi-use community performing arts centre, visit the Crowsnest Cando website.