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A pool table sits on new flooring at Group Group Youth drop-in centre in Pincher Creek

Group Group Youth drop-in centre gets facelift


Renovations are complete and a welcoming atmosphere has been created at Group Group Youth Society’s drop-in centre in Pincher Creek, with an upgrade to commercial-grade flooring in the main program area of the building.

For some time, the non-profit organization was in desperate need of new flooring as the old tile flooring was breaking apart from wear, tear and age.

“It had gotten to the point that staff, and some youth members, were feeling embarrassed to have guests come to the centre,” says Lynne Teneycke, executive director of Group Group Youth.

Funding received from the Community Foundation of Lethbridge and Southwestern Alberta was key to moving the project along. Through the Community Priorities Grant, GGY received $8,000, which, along with some of its own funds, went into the renovations.

CFLSA supports this area of the province with grants generated through its endowment funds.


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“Our floor is now so much easier to clean and care for, and so much nicer to live with,” Lynne says. 

It took time to find the necessary materials for the flooring project, but the finished product was well worth the wait.

“It was something that if we were going ahead and going through with it, we wanted to make sure that we did it right,” Lynne explains.

Once the right materials were delivered, renovations began immediately and were completed in under a week. 

GGY serves young members of the community aged six to 18. The organization promotes social interaction through community engagement opportunities, programs and its drop-in centre as a place to casually hang out.

Programs encourage its youth constituents to interact and develop new interests, make new friends and develop life skills.

Some notable initiatives include the junior staff program, Kids Kitchen program, garden program, creation of art, crafts and photography projects, and fundraising projects.


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The junior staff program allows youth members to learn how to pursue employment opportunities by submitting a resume and attending a job interview for the program. From there, the member can be “hired” to assist senior staff with tasks around the centre.

“It is amazing how a youngster’s attitude can change when they become ‘staff,’ ” says Lynne.

The Kids Kitchen program runs hand-in-hand with the garden program. Members learn how to cook a variety of meals, often using ingredients from garden beds they tend at the centre. The kitchen always has snacks for members who are hungry for something simple.  

When it comes to arts and crafts, the kids help in deciding what projects they’d like to undertake. Presently, youth members are creating calendars for next year using their own photo.

GGY always seeks to give back to the town where they can. Through fundraising initiatives, they do “in-house” concessions, recycle bottles and cans, and lend a few helping hands at various community events.  

If you are interested in having your child, aged six to 18, become a youth member of GGY, give Lynne a call at 403-627-4616 or swing by during operating hours, from 3:30 to 9 p.m. Tuesday to Saturday.


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Wooden playground equipment and a yellow slide at the Pincher Creek town playground

Town council considers renos and rebuilding

Both plans were addressed at council’s Jan. 4 committee of the whole meeting, where council voted to accept assessment reports and construction estimates submitted by the Calgary consulting firm, Stephenson Engineering.

Council has neither awarded construction contracts, nor set aside money for either project in this year’s budget. 

Stephenson’s reports to council highlight a lack of suitable office space at both sites, recommending an estimated $3.2-million overhaul to the town office at 962 St. John Ave., and a roughly $8.5-million build for a new works yard near the current yard at 1068 Kettles St.

The town office was converted from an elementary school in the 1990s and, while council chambers and some civic offices were built in the facilities’ east wing, the west wing’s classrooms, gymnasium and washrooms designed for children remain largely unchanged. 

Stephenson recommends building a new parking lot where the children’s playground now stands, plus more offices and an expansion to council chambers. The firm meanwhile recommends holding on to the gym in the west wing.


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Speaking at the committee of the whole meeting, Alexa Levair, who replaced Al Roth as director of operations last November, told council that Roth had kept his office in a defunct classroom for lack of office space. 

The town would rebuild the playground, Levair told council. 

The town’s works yard is too old and too congested to be refurbished, Stephenson concluded. The report details an acute lack of office space, plus a number of accessibility barriers. At one point, the report highlights that “Only one change room is provided (at the works yard), so it is not suitable for any female staff.” 

Council has not resolved construction timelines for either project. Stephenson’s report recommends running the existing operations yard while replacement facilities are built at a town-owned site bounded by Table Mountain and McEachern streets to the north and south, and Mountain View Avenue and Allison Street to the west and east. 

Stephenson factored in a 20 per cent contingency in its cost estimations for both projects.





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