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Girl on horseback rides, carrying a large Canadian flag

Local cowgirls set to kick off rodeo festivities

Continuing with local rodeo tradition, the Pincher Creek Ranch Girls will kick off each day of the Pincher Creek Pro Rodeo with choreographed routines on horseback.

The grand entry ride, an annual pro rodeo highlight, provides high-energy entertainment while giving the rodeo organizing committee a chance to thank sponsors, whose generous contributions help make the event a success.

“It’s such a highlight because it starts the rodeo off on the right tempo. It’s always such a fun routine to watch,” says Lynn Lievers, who co-chairs the organizing committee.

“They come in, they look great and they move quickly. The music’s always fun to listen to and it really sets us up to have fun.”

Along with team lead Hailey Grove, the troupe features Gray Bennett, Kate Bennett, Morgan Dingreville, Ava Jessen, Kenna Lewis, Gianna Morris, Angelina Morris, Morgan McNab, Kelly Turnbull and Kim Turnbull. 

Each day, the team will enter the arena, with each rider carrying a flag embossed with the logo of a rodeo sponsor.

The gals gallop around the ring, performing well-practised patterns to high-energy music.


Town of Pincher Creek council and committee of the whole schedule advertisement


In addition to leading rodeo festivities each day, the group assists with escorting cattle from the arena during events to ensure things run smoothly and on time. 

The group will also be featured in the town parade on Saturday, where they will once again fly the sponsors’ flags as they ride their horses down Main Street.

Furthermore, the group will correspond with dignitaries coming into town for the rodeo, working with them to ensure they are properly introduced.

“We’re here to rodeo, we’re here to have fun, and their performance provides a nice way to roll into the rodeo and have the right atmosphere,” Lynn says.

When it comes to the grand entry routine, she says “no one year is ever the same,” so you won’t want to miss the performances.