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Drawing of a lit cigarette circled in red with a big "x" on it.

Ready to quit smoking?

As a trained Quit Core facilitator, it is very rewarding to support people as they embark on their journey to become tobacco-free. Over the years, I have heard many fascinating stories from participants who struggle and triumph over their nicotine addiction.

The program includes one session where we invite a Quit Core graduate to share their experience. While each experience is different and each story unique, there are similarities that resonate and connect with those wanting to quit.

Participants are inspired and motivated to carry on the journey, often identifying this session as the highlight of the program.

For one of our graduates, successfully quitting took a number of attempts but her determination to “beat those cigarettes” was unwavering. 

She spoke very candidly about the difficulties. She also described how victorious she felt after making it through the first day smoke-free. She celebrated by telling herself, “You made it through Day 1, let’s go for Day 2!”

Even years later, if she has a difficult day, her silver lining is always reminding herself, “I beat those cigarettes.”


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One of her messages in particular stuck with me. When asked how this last time was different, after numerous attempts at quitting, her answer was that she finally recognized the value of her own life.

Her powerful words: “I was worth it. I was worth the fight. It’s my life and I’m worth saving.”

Quit Core is a free six-week group cessation program that provides support for adults 18 and older. It is led by trained leaders and connects you with others who are also quitting.

Through Quit Core you will learn many quitting support strategies, and learn about your addiction/habit and how to design a quit plan that works best for you. You will discover new tips and strategies to deal with stress, cravings and triggers, share experiences, and support and encourage one another through the quitting process.

Quitting smoking may not be easy, but it can be done, especially with the right planning, tools and support. Remember, you are worth it!

Quit Core virtual groups are offered regularly. In-person groups may be available in your town. Check out or call 1-866-710-QUIT (7848) for dates and locations. There is no fee, but you must preregister.



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