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Pincher Creek welcomes a new face in its medical community Dr Helen Dion

Dr. Helen Dion embraces rural health care with compassion and dedication

Pincher Creek welcomes a new face in its medical community: Dr. Helen Dion, a dedicated and compassionate family physician with over a decade of experience in the medical field. Dr. Dion’s extensive education and diverse professional background make her a valuable asset to our town. She began her practice June 3 at Pincher Creek Health Centre’s ER and the Associate Clinic.

Educational journey and professional expertise

Dr. Dion holds a postgraduate certificate in family medicine and a postgraduate diploma in pediatric emergency medicine, both from the College of Medicine and Veterinary Medicine at the University of Edinburgh, Scotland.

Her journey in medicine has been marked by her commitment to providing comprehensive family medicine in various settings, including university-affiliated hospitals, clinical environments and rural family medicine units. This diverse experience has equipped her with the skills to offer holistic and patient-centred care.

In her practice, Dr. Dion integrates essential patient-supporting services such as home care, social services, public health, immunization clinics and mental health services. Her commitment to community-based primary care enables her to provide ongoing support to patients of all ages, ensuring that their diverse health-care needs are met comprehensively.

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Canadian experience and special interests

In Canada, Dr. Dion has enriched her medical practice through clinical observerships and clinical assessments in family medicine in Ponoka and Brooks, Alta. These experiences have solidified her dedication to serving rural communities, where she passionately provides patient-centred care.

Dr. Dion is particularly interested in women’s health, having completed specialized courses at the University of British Columbia in contraceptive method administration and other aspects of women’s health. She offers procedures such as skin biopsies, Pap smears, IUD insertion and suturing, ensuring comprehensive care for her patients.


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Scholarly contributions and professional recognition

Her scholarly contributions include co-authoring top-tier scientific publications, such as:

—Strategic Frameworks for Sustainability and Corporate Governance in Healthcare Facilities; Approaches to Energy-Efficient Hospital Management (Benchmarking: An International Journal, 2024).

—Hospitals Management Transformative Initiatives; Towards Energy Efficiency and Environmental Sustainability in Healthcare Facilities (Journal of Engineering, Design and Technology, 2023).

Dr. Dion is a licentiate of the Medical Council of Canada and has volunteered with the Canadian Red Cross in Ontario, showcasing her dedication to both her professional and humanitarian roles.

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Life outside the clinic

When not working, Dr. Dion enjoys staying active and embracing the outdoors throughout the seasons. She loves spending time with her family, walking her dogs and immersing herself in the beauty of nature.

Dr. Dion lived in Calgary for several years and spent time with her family in Toronto, where they lived in Oakville. While in Alberta, Dr. Dion and her family enjoyed visiting the beautiful landscapes of the Rocky Mountains, including Banff, Lake Louise and Waterton Lakes, as well as many cities like Cochrane, Okotoks and Edmonton. While living in Toronto, they visited many places around Ontario and Montreal, often driving by car to enjoy the stunning spring and fall scenes.

Dr. Dion is supported by her husband, Dr. Martin Evans, PhD, a professional engineer registered in Canada (both Alberta and Ontario), the United States and the United Kingdom. Dr. Evans holds a master’s in civil engineering from the University of Calgary, an MBA from Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh, and a PhD in project management from the University of Bolton, Greater Manchester, England. He shares Dr. Dion’s commitment to community integration and professional excellence.

Choosing Pincher Creek

Dr. Helen Dion chose Pincher Creek for its diverse population, rich culture and warm, welcoming people. Her presence in Pincher Creek is more than just that of a health-care provider; she hopes to be a vital part of the community fabric, dedicated to improving the health and well-being of all residents.

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Dr. Helen Dion’s integration into the Pincher Creek community signifies a commitment to enhancing the quality of health care and fostering a supportive, inclusive environment for all residents. Her expertise, passion and compassionate approach to medicine are sure to make a positive impact on our town’s health-care landscape.

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New doc on the block

The Pincher Creek Associate Clinic is welcoming a new physician, set to officially start helping local patients June 4.

An international graduate, Dr. Helen Dion attended medical school in Egypt and applied to a recruitment ad from the clinic. Local representatives had a hand in interviewing her with Alberta Health Services last October and are excited to welcome her on board.

“The impressions were definitely good,” says Jeff Brockmann, executive director of the Associate Clinic.

After the interview, the clinic expressed interest and Dion completed a comprehensive licensing program to ensure that her knowledge and ability from international training align with the needs and expectations of Canadian communities.

After her recent approval in the final stage of this program, Dion is set to come to Pincher Creek next week.

The new addition to the team increases the clinic’s number of doctors from six to seven, which, according to Brockmann, means great things for the community.


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“It’s going to not only increase access for patients but it’s also going to allow other physicians more time to see their own patients,” Brockmann says.

“It’ll have this trickle-down effect that everyone in the community will benefit from,” he says, noting that easing the workload on the other physicians in the community will allow them to focus on what’s most important in their practices and lives.

Welcoming a new physician will also mean a new style, which could help connect with patients. Another female physician may also make seeking care more comfortable for patients with that preference.

Dion will start by helping patients who are having trouble finding a permanent provider, with the goal of building her own panel of patients in the following months.

She will have the same duties as the clinic’s other physicians, working full time with call and covering the emergency room.

“Our clinic is continuing to expand and grow and it means great things for our patients and our community,” says Brockmann.


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