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Tag: Madison Stephens

Madison Stephens dressed in vampirish costume. Her face is painted white with black lips and eyes with dark tear lines running down her cheeks.

Madison seeks votes in Face of Horror contest

Halloween is just around the corner, and that means Pincher Creek residents will soon begin embracing the spooky season with costumes, decorations and displays galore. 

Perhaps no one is more ready for Halloween than Madison Stephens, who is gunning to be the next “Face of Horror.”

Madison is one of many contestants competing in the Face of Horror contest, vying to be featured on the cover of Rue Morgue, a multinational magazine devoted to covering horror fiction. 

The winner will also receive $13,000, a trip to Hollywood and a photo shoot at the famous Woodbury Mansion with Kane Hodder, known primarily for his role as Jason Voorhees in the Friday the 13th films.

While Madison thinks each of the perks would be wonderful, she has her sights set primarily on the money, with a wholesome goal in mind.

“If this sum were dreadfully thrust upon me, I would likely invest a portion to my creative endeavours and the remainder would be spent on equipment and decor for our ever-growing Halloween display,” Madison wrote on the Face of Horror website.

“For over 15 years, my family has invested in our Halloween display, something that started as a beloved family tradition that has now become a highlight during October for our community, even prompting the local kids to dub our home the Halloween House.”

Madison is referring to her parents’ home, located in the residential area behind the Co-op. The Breckenridges have long been a family infatuated with the horror genre.

For over a decade, Madison and her family have travelled near and far, collecting unique animatronics and decorations to make Halloween feel special for local youth in particular.

“There were a few people who had large displays when I was a kid, and I really appreciated it growing up, so it’s great for us to have something like that for the kids to enjoy,” she says.

In order to win, Madison must get through nine weekly rounds of voting. The First To Die round comes to a close on Sept. 14, and Madison needs local support to stave off elimination. 

To vote for Madison, visit her online page at, click on free daily vote and register through email or Facebook. Everyone gets a free vote once every 24 hours. 

Those interested in submitting more votes can purchase them, as well. A portion of the proceeds will be donated to the Andrew McDonough B+ Foundation, the largest provider of financial assistance to families dealing with pediatric cancer.

Cast your votes and help Madison and her family continue growing a community Halloween tradition.