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Fred White solemnly salutes. He is dressed in Legion uniform with white gloves and a dark red sash, with medals on his chest and a poppy on his lapel.

Fred White: Quietly working behind the scenes

Fred White has been long associated with Pincher Creek’s Royal Canadian Legion and gladly works behind the scenes to keep its rich history alive.

“My parents were both Legion members. When I turned 18, I joined,” Fred explains. 

Growing up, he learned military tradition, holding a number of roles in the community’s cadets program, including commanding officer, following in the footsteps of his older brother.

“I’ve held different positions on the Legion executive,” he says. “I’m now the sergeant-of-arms. Basically, I’m the keeper of the visual paraphernalia and co-ordinator of ceremonies.”

One such ceremony is this Saturday’s Remembrance Day service at Pincher Creek Community Hall, just one of many events he takes pride in being involved with.

Although he won’t admit it, Fred has been instrumental in keeping the organization’s community presence alive, by helping organize not only the Nov. 11 remembrance but the area’s Christmas hamper program too.


Pig roast at wedding venue — the Cowley Lions Campground Stockade near Pincher Creek in southwestern Alberta.


“Fred is a very valuable part of the Legion and has been for many years,” current president Maggie Christians tells Shootin’ the Breeze. “I’ve known him for a long time, going back to when we were kids.”

Besides Remembrance Day, the Pincher Creek-raised volunteer can also be seen around the community leading the Legion’s colour party at events like the rodeo weekend parade.

One of the more recent projects Fred has involved himself in is the Legion’s medical cabinet program. 

“The Red Cross in Lethbridge loans out wheelchairs, crutches, walkers, things like that, but for people in Pincher Creek, it’s sometimes tough to get there,” he says.

Seeing a need, Fred and the Legion stepped up, establishing a similar setup locally. While it started with just a few small items, it’s now grown to include motorized scooters.

It might seem, on the surface, like a small gesture, but it’s in character with Fred, quietly making a difference in people’s lives. 

Asked if he has any plans to slow down, maybe turn the torch over to someone else, he jokes, “I think I still have a couple of good years in me.”

Thank you, Fred, for all you do!


Fred White is the current sergeant-at-arms for the Pincher Creek branch of the Royal Canadian Legion. He’s been a member since he was 18 and has helped to keep the organization vibrant in a changing landscape. | Photo by Brenda Shenton


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