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Putting the heat on the Liberals

As I travel throughout the Foothills riding this summer, I am reminded of the immense honour it is to represent the people from this beautiful part of southern Alberta. It is hard to believe that this past month marks nine years since I was first elected, in the 2014 byelection, to represent the hard-working Foothills residents.

What a journey it has been!

In my nine years as a member of Parliament, eight of them have been challenging the endless Liberal corruption, deficits and failed policies. Now more than ever, we are experiencing how these countless failures and missteps from this Liberal government are hurting every single Canadian.

Every day, I hear the concerns of my constituents about the future of our country.

I have heard from families who are struggling to afford food as grocery prices in Alberta have risen by 11 per cent, but data from Statistics Canada indicate grocery prices are actually much higher.

I have witnessed young people struggling to pay their rent and mortgages as the Bank of Canada raised its interest rates for the 10th time since spring 2022.

I’ve been informed by local business owners they can no longer afford their energy bills as they have tripled in the past year, devastating their operations.

Farmers have reached out saying they pay more in carbon taxes than the actual natural gas itself, making it nearly impossible to remain economically viable.

This is simply unacceptable. 

Liberal elites also continue to support Justin Trudeau’s attacks on Alberta energy and agriculture sectors, essential elements of our province’s economy.

The Liberals’ anti-energy “Just Transition” plans to eliminate 170,000 jobs in the oil and gas sector, 2.7 million jobs in related sectors (including 292,000 in agriculture) and $200 billion in yearly salaries.

Similarly, farmers continue to be punished with the burdensome red tape and inflationary taxes, placing the financial viability of Canadian agriculture and agri-food in jeopardy. 

Canada has reached a breaking point, yet the Liberals’ response is to continue their out-of-control spending and adding to our record-high deficit, sacrificing the economic well-being of our country.

Justin Trudeau’s most recent cabinet shuffle is just another example of his attempt to distract from all he has broken. This is not a solution. At the end of the day, families, businesses and farms cannot afford the policies and tax hikes imposed upon us by the Liberal-NDP coalition; they are failing our country and Canadians deserve better.

It is time to end the attacks on Canadian energy and agriculture. It is time to stop the Liberals from looking at Canadian farmers as part of the problem, because in fact, Canadian farmers are part of the solution, and the carbon tax has got to go.

I see our farm families, agriculture and our energy sector and the people it employs as parts of the economic and environmental solution. These industries build hospitals and schools and fund our social programs, and we should be proud of what these industries contribute to our society. I look forward to continuing the fight on behalf of farmers and all Canadians. 

While our challenges are many, I remain steadfast every day, working hard to earn the support, trust and confidence of my constituents. My commitment to listening to the insights, and voicing the concerns of my constituents will remain my utmost priority. 

Foothills, I want to thank you for your unwavering support over the years. I will continue to be a champion of our communities


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