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Jim Welsch, the new MD of Pincher Creek councillor, takes his seat at the table, representing District 4, his born-and-raised home.

Meet Jim Welsch, the new MD of Pincher Creek councillor

On May 2, the Municipal District of Pincher Creek welcomed a new councillor, Jim Welsch, for Division 4. Taking over a seat previously held by Harold Hollingshead, Welsch was the sole candidate at the close of the nomination period and took his oath of office at a special meeting on May 7.

“I lived in my division my entire life, and it’s just an opportunity to give back a little bit,” says Welsch.

Welsch has been involved in the municipal planning committee for six years, including time as chair, and presently chairs the Chief Mountain Gas Co-op board. He has also been chair of the 4-H beef committee, president of Porcupine Hills Stock Association and a member of the youth justice committee and the Community Auction Sales Association.

“All the boards and committees I’ve been on are kind of like a prerequisite for this councillor job,” he says. “You learn so much from that, and you can bring all that to this position.”

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Priorities emphasized in his campaign include road maintenance, more comprehensive law enforcement and vigilance to combat rural crime, and better coordination of firefighting with protection against undue cost for ratepayers.

He also stresses the importance of water with developing drought conditions, and the importance of renewable energy projects being done in a balanced manner.


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Though Welsch has run for MD council before, he attributes the success of this byelection to campaigning more and connecting with people more. 

“I thought I knew everyone in my division. I lived there my entire life, but I was in for a big surprise,” he says. “There were a lot of people that I didn’t know.”

Welsch campaigned at about 60 houses and found the process very interesting.

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“They appreciate the time and effort it takes to come and talk to them, and I think they reflect that on election day,” he says. 

Since joining council, Welsch has felt embraced by the environment and appreciates the work they do together. 

“Everyone’s been so warm and welcoming, the council and staff alike,” he says. “I’ve received a very warm welcome and I’m very appreciative for that.”

As a born-and-raised District 4 resident, Welsch comes to council with deep roots in the community and stakes in local and agricultural issues. 

“I love my job as a rancher and I like everything that goes along with it,” he says. “All the people and the whole big picture.”