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Male actor in orange shirt and black pants is laying on the floor with a silly look on his face while being pulled by the arms in different directions by children

Trickster Theatre and students create Stronger Together show

Students and teachers from Coleman’s Horace Allen School co-created a production with professional artists from Trickster Theatre, culminating in a final performance March 31.

Trickster Theatre, a non-profit based in Calgary, offers fun, engaging and effective learning through physical theatre to schools across Alberta. 

Trickster runs with a theme selected by each school, creating shows with students and staff through physical theatre styles. 

Through Trickster’s main residency program, HAS students and teachers worked with a team of professional artists for a full week to create an original show.

“Our theme is Stronger Together, so that’s just about coming together again after Covid and being able to work side by side again,” says Myrna Dembicki, assistant principal at Horace Allen. 

Each class at Horace Allen worked with an artist to figure out what their performance piece would be in the final show.


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“We’ve got themes for each performance piece, from helping animals in the forest, to a wedding disaster in Tunisia, to working with a local fire department,” says Dembicki.

Students worked with the artists to create movement patterns, then developed context around those patterns and created the story and dialogue.

In total, eight classes from kindergarten to Grade 3 and a group of teachers made up the nine performance pieces featured in the show.

“It has been wonderful to have this opportunity to work together again as a school community, strengthening relationships inside the school and wider out into our community,” said Elaine Garner, principal of Horace Allen, in a message in the event program.

While the student and staff performers were the main stars of the week, none of this would have been possible without the parent volunteers who gave their time to help organize and set up the performance.

“An amazing crew of volunteer parents” were on-site throughout the week, “helping unload equipment from vans, making costumes, props and so much more,” Myrna says.


Indoor and outdoor view of wedding venue — the Cowley Lions Campground Stockade near Pincher Creek in southwestern Alberta.


“The volunteers being here really defines our Stronger Together theme that we chose for our performance.”

The residency was made possible through a grant provided by the Alberta Foundation for the Arts. The grant covered 75 per cent of the cost of the residency for the school. Additional funding came from HAS and its school council.


Children have fun with a giant green, fabric tunnel
Male actor in orange shirt and black pants is laying on the floor with a silly look on his face while being pulled by the arms in different directions by children
Children march while connected to one another by green pool noodles wrapped around their waist
Kids create a tunnel with coloured hula hoops and one child crawls through it
Man blowing nose into handkerchief while woman wearing non-medical mask has hands in the air fending off germs

Respiratory illness outbreak at MHHS

A “respiratory illness outbreak” was announced at Matthew Halton High School in Pincher Creek on Tuesday, Nov. 22, according to Darryl Seguin, superintendent at Livingstone Range School Division. 

The outbreak came into effect at MHHS after at least 10 per cent of the 278 students stayed home with respiratory symptoms.

Schools are asked to notify Alberta Health Services’ Co-ordinated Early Identification and Response team whenever absenteeism due to respiratory illness hits 10 per cent or when there’s an unusual number of individuals (off sick) with similar symptoms.

Tuesday’s announcement came one day after an outbreak was declared at Pincher Creek’s Canyon School.

No further outbreaks were reported within LRSD as of Wednesday afternoon. A prior outbreak had been announced at the school division’s early-learning program at the Horace Allen School in Coleman. 


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Seguin didn’t say if LRSD has the authority to impose masking mandates. Premier Danielle Smith announced earlier this month that “Our government will not permit any further masking mandates of children in Alberta’s K-12 education system.” 

A Court of King’s Bench judge had previously ruled that a health order to this effect by Dr. Deena Hinshaw, formerly Alberta’s chief medical officer, “was made for improper purposes.”

Justice G.S. Dunlop ruled that the chief medical officer has the authority to mandate school health measures, but that Hinshaw had based her order on a political decision by cabinet.

Custodial staff at Canyon and MHHS are taking extra care to clean surfaces, while teachers are being encouraged to rearrange classrooms to allow for more social distancing, Seguin said. 

The outbreak seems to have spared teachers at MHHS, with Seguin saying staff absences due to illness have been normal for this point in the school year.

The division is home to about 3,750 kids in K-12.


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