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Independent candidate Erik Abildgaard – white male with grey hair and glasses wearing a blue and white ball cap and grey shirt with black collar.

Independent candidate Erik Abildgaard

Six candidates are vying for your vote on May 29, hoping to be Livingstone-Macleod’s next MLA. All were invited to submit a piece outlining their election platform for publication in Shootin’ the Breeze.

It has been said that I am coming out of the starting gate as an independent candidate in this Alberta election with a lot of fire in my belly.

I know I stand in the gap. I know I will state truths many others won’t.

I want the return of freedom as an inalienable right and believe my views are widely shared among Albertans. People are sick and tired. They’ve been deceived and manipulated, possibly even pulled into an unconscious state of compliance.



We work hard. We’re not getting ahead. Too many injustices. Too many imbalances.

It’s time to sort a few things out and it’s time for people to stop believing the lies.

Freedom is at the heart of my message. We are born free but we’ve been told we are enslaved. I am one of many thousands of freedom fighters emerging with a timely wake-up call for citizens.


Table setting of wedding venue — the Cowley Lions Campground Stockade near Pincher Creek in southwestern Alberta.


I advocate for freedom as follows:

—Removal of corporation slave name.

—Operate with sovereign identity without interference.

—Sovereign veto power. Sovereign can disallow government act or bill.

—Removal of all WEF members in legislature.

—The WEF membership is unconstitutional under section 31.2 of British North America Act to remain in parliament or senate of any foreign entity.

—Removal of all taxes.

—Sovereign fair share of resources.

—Vaccinated and unvaccinated must have full access to medical treatment of their choice. Refusal of any hospital or medical facility results in the loss of licence to operate in Alberta.


Display of fall clothing at at Emerald & Ash Clothing in Crowsnest Pass.


—Government cannot interfere with businesses without cause and evidence.

—No longer can a person be terminated without cause.

—Future vaccines must be vetted by qualified doctors, not by appointed doctors. Businesses cannot interfere with outcome, i.e. Bill Gates/Moderna.

—Access to dental care by all sovereign and pricing must be balanced via Alberta GDP. Cannot price gouge.

I was born and raised in Alberta and reside in Nanton. I am a voice of freedom.


Albertans head to the polls Monday, May 29.

Advanced voting is open May 23 to 27.

For voter information, including polling stations, see pages 9 to 11.

View Crowsnest Pass election forum videos here: Part 1, Part 2

Individual candidate statements:

Dylin Hauser – Alberta Liberal Party

Kevin Van Tighem – Alberta New Democratic Party

Kevin Todd – Alberta Party

Erik Abildgaard – Independent

Corrie Toone – Independence Party of Alberta

Chelsae Petrovic – United Conservative Party



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