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Fireweed in Waterton painting held by Janifer and Janna Calvez

Fireweed Collective Society features local artist

It’s a long way from southern Alberta to Fort St. James, B.C., but, thanks to the power of the Internet, the Fireweed Collective Society was able to connect with local artist Janifer Calvez to use her artwork in its journals.

The society, which is a safe haven for women and children escaping violence, creates journals each year to give to ladies who come to the shelter. This year the artwork on the cover was created by Janifer.

The painting depicts fireweed in Waterton, so was the perfect fit for the Fireweed Collective Society, which was named after this type of flower.


Fireweed grows after forest fires, so the society uses it as an analogy for survivors of violence. A quote included on the cover reads, “Though there is devastation, something beautiful grows.”

Though it may seem like the work was created specifically for the project, it was actually done long before the society reached out.

“They contacted me and asked for my permission to use it on the front of the journal,” says Janifer, who happily obliged.

“They were searching for a fireweed picture and came across my art online. I was really honoured to be able to contribute.”


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The inspiration behind the painting came while she was hiking with her daughter, Janna, to Lineham Falls in Waterton one year. During the adventure, Janifer noticed all the fireweed that had grown, so she captured some photographs and later used them as reference material for a painting.

The resulting piece of art was finished in June of this year and took her two weeks to complete, which she says is relatively fast.

“It was for my daughter’s birthday so I wanted to get it done,” Janifer adds.

Since the announcement of the journal cover, many people have reached out to Janifer, asking to purchase prints of the painting. After talking to the Fireweed Collective Society, she decided to donate a portion of the sales to the group.

The artist splits her time between Cowley and Okotoks. If you are interested in purchasing a print, you can contact Janifer through her website,, or her Facebook page, Janifer Calvez Art.