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Knothole in weathered tree trunk on poster for Where Was Nancy contest

Where Was Nancy?

Where Was Nancy #2

Do you know where this photo was taken?

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The answer and winner will be published in the August 9 issue of Shootin’ the Breeze


Creek running to a waterfall with lush greenery on the sides and a black train bridge in the background



Pig roast at wedding venue — the Cowley Lions Campground Stockade near Pincher Creek in southwestern Alberta.



Where Was Nancy #1

Congratulations to contest winner Janet Tilbe

Ninastako (Chief Mountain)

One of the most photographed mountains in the region, Chief Mountain appears at the far east of the Rockies when you are driving south toward Waterton Lakes National Park on Highway 6.

The craggy block of the mountaintop slopes sharply down to the prairie below on a slippery shale base.

Visible for many days of travel by foot or on horseback to the earliest peoples of the prairies before lines were drawn on maps, it can currently be seen for most of a day’s travel by vehicle.

The mountain, known as Ninastako, “the mountain that stands apart,” is a sacred site of the Blackfoot people and the legendary home of Ksiistsi-koom (Thunder). 

Although the mountain is currently defined as located in Glacier National Park and the Blackfeet Reservation of Montana, it is unofficially adopted by all residents of Cardston County, everyone else in Alberta, and visitors to Waterton National Park from around the world.

For me, this mountain is a place of silence and beauty, whether the prairies below are covered by flowers in spring, golden grasses in fall, or snowy drifts in winter.



Golden field and yellow and green trees in front of a hazy, flat-topped mountain