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Dylin Hauser headshot – man with very short dark hair wearing a grey shirt with a brick wall background

Alberta Liberal Party candidate Dylin Hauser

Six candidates are vying for your vote on May 29, hoping to be Livingstone-Macleod’s next MLA. All were invited to submit a piece outlining their election platform for publication in Shootin’ the Breeze.

For the last 12 years, I have committed myself to raising my four children — four- and eight-year-old boys, a 10-year-old daughter, and my oldest, a 12-year-old son, who has been a huge influence on my campaign in the last election and on my life. I’m far from perfect, but like all of us, I do the best that I can for them.

Much of my children’s life I spent away working on a drilling rig. For the better part of seven years I experienced tremendous industrial highs, torturous lows and constant negotiating with myself over how much time away from my family was too much.

Over time, however, my values changed. Upon the passing of my biological father in 2019, the personal sacrifice away from my family lost its purpose. My son’s mental health needs that began to show during my 2019 campaign required more support.



I made the decision to leave the rigs for a family life I struggled with missing and felt was passing me by. Kids grow up fast, and to me, soccer practice wasn’t something I wanted to miss any more. Life has no guarantees.

Despite the significant financial cost of this change, for me the decision has been worthwhile. But I will forever respect those who stay in that life — we all make sacrifices in our different ways.

Politics to me isn’t just about policy announcements claiming fixes for all things that seem to never get fixed. I heard so many hurtful things from politicians on the left and right as a rig worker, and so many empty promises at making Alberta better.

It’s easy to stand in front of a microphone and say I’m going to hire 4,000 teachers and protect the environment. It’s easy to use a powerful word like “freedom,” and make it mean whatever I want to gain access to the legislature.


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I present myself with personal stories because I believe that is what is truly missing, keeping us stuck from being able to make truly impactful changes at a government level.

Lately as a voter it seems we expect perfection in our politics, yet it’s the struggles we experience where we truly learn how to make something better. I have flaws, I have failures, and it’s in them I’ve learned what I feel can bring meaningful change to the lives of everyday Albertans.

I understand the need for economic development, but, when I say no more coal in our mountains, or a catchy phrase like “mountains not mines,” then I have to equally respect the consequences of that decision as well.

I’ll say it now, I am mountains not mines, but I would be responsible for all of us in Livingstone-Macleod, so I need to concentrate on helping our communities impacted by no-coal legislation to keep their community alive. I feel this impact on livelihoods, on heritage, isn’t being respected enough.


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I am running in this election because I am passionate about bringing options to voters. Lack of choice benefits those who seek power, and not the voter they will be responsible to. I cannot promise every move I make will please you, but I promise I will think through every decision and I will be more than happy to be held accountable, to explain my rationale.

I will be here to answer to my critics and share any good news I can bring. There will be no MIA MLA if I am blessed with representing us in Edmonton. Our vote is powerful. If your decision of who to vote for is as simple as a party name, then how hard does someone actually have to work at being accountable to you?

My name is Dylin Hauser. I campaigned here in 2019 and my name is on the ballot here again in 2023. I am running as an Alberta Liberal. I am running being proud of my time in our oil patch. I am Albertan.


Albertans head to the polls Monday, May 29.

Advanced voting is open May 23 to 27.

For voter information, including polling stations, see pages 9 to 11.

View Crowsnest Pass election forum videos here: Part 1, Part 2

Individual candidate statements:

Dylin Hauser – Alberta Liberal Party

Kevin Van Tighem – Alberta New Democratic Party

Kevin Todd – Alberta Party

Erik Abildgaard – Independent

Corrie Toone – Independence Party of Alberta

Chelsae Petrovic – United Conservative Party



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