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UCP candidate Chelsae Petrovic – smiling woman with long, straight, light-brown hair, wearing a grey sweater

United Conservative Party candidate Chelsea Petrovic

Six candidates are vying for your vote on May 29, hoping to be Livingstone-Macleod’s next MLA. All were invited to submit a piece outlining their election platform for publication in Shootin’ the Breeze.

The people of Livingstone-Macleod deserve conservative representation that truly understands and values their needs. We have unique challenges, from growing our economy to preserving our precious natural spaces. Our access to health care and education must improve, and we need strong advocates who genuinely care. It’s crucial that we elect a government focused on the well-being of Albertans in Livingstone-Macleod.

This upcoming election is one of the most pivotal moments in Alberta’s history. The UCP and Danielle Smith are unwavering in their commitment to moving Alberta forward by fostering economic growth and further diversification. This means more jobs, more prosperity.

We will safeguard the services and values dear to Albertans, unlike the NDP who would drag us backward. We cannot risk their failed ideological policies that have already hurt so many Albertans before.



As a nurse, charity worker and mayor, my experience has prepared me to serve you, my fellow citizens, as an MLA. I intimately understand the importance of health care, economic development and community support. I firmly believe that a good job is the best social program. Through my volunteer work, I’ve witnessed first-hand the significance of caring for the vulnerable and fostering a sense of unity among us. I will be the elected official and public servant you deserve.

I humbly ask for your votes, my neighbours in Livingstone-Macleod, so that together we can be part of a government that truly helps and uplifts our community.

Today, Alberta proudly leads the nation in economic growth, and all indicators predict a continued upward trajectory. This accomplishment is the result of the UCP’s diligent efforts, and it’s crucial that they remain in government to build upon this success.



We are witnessing a historic influx of new Albertans, as families from across Canada embrace the renewed Alberta Advantage. The UCP made this possible, while under the NDP, people were leaving our province. With the UCP at the helm, major international companies have invested in Alberta, propelling us forward.

Electing the NDP puts all of these achievements at risk.

This is why we must re-elect a United Conservative government to continue the remarkable progress we’ve made. Alberta must remain the economic engine of our great country, ensuring that our hard-working citizens thrive. Together, we’ll preserve Alberta as a beacon of opportunity for generations to come.

I humbly ask for your vote and your support.


Albertans head to the polls Monday, May 29.

Advanced voting is open May 23 to 27.

For voter information, including polling stations, see pages 9 to 11.

View Crowsnest Pass election forum videos here: Part 1, Part 2

Individual candidate statements:

Dylin Hauser – Alberta Liberal Party

Kevin Van Tighem – Alberta New Democratic Party

Kevin Todd – Alberta Party

Erik Abildgaard – Independent

Corrie Toone – Independence Party of Alberta

Chelsae Petrovic – United Conservative Party



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