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Red car speeding around a corner

Slow down for summer

Unsafe speeds increase the risk of collision and serious injury for all road users.

Unfortunately, this traffic safety violation is a common habit among many drivers. Last year, there were about 70,580 speeding-related offences in Alberta RCMP jurisdiction, with officers issuing 5,220 speeding tickets in April 2021 alone.

Don’t be a speedster. Remember the following when out on the roads this spring:

—The faster you go, the longer it takes you to stop. Speeding affects your ability to come to a quick stop in the event of an unexpected traffic hazard.

—Always drive to conditions. Posted limits indicate the maximum legal speed permitted in ideal conditions (Government of Alberta, 2022). Alberta’s road and weather conditions are unpredictable; ensure you adjust your speed accordingly.

—Give yourself a few extra minutes. Allowing extra time to get to your destination helps to avoid feeling rushed in traffic.

—Be aware of speed limits in playground and construction zones. These areas often have high pedestrian traffic. You must slow down.

“According to Alberta Transportation, more than half of all fatal collisions involving unsafe speeds occur in rural areas,” says Insp. Chris Romanchych of Alberta RCMP Traffic Services.

“We want our communities to feel safe out on our province’s roadways. Speed shouldn’t be the reason a loved one doesn’t make it home.”

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