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Snapshot of life in Alberta

Tuesday, 20 August 2013. Posted in Shootin' the Breeze

Alberta's official statistics give snapshot of life in Alberta

Facts about life in Alberta are now available online through the newly updated 2013 Alberta Official Statistics.

The official statistics contain important and relevant information about various aspects of life in Alberta, including population, labour force, education, land use and water quality.

Each statistic has been reviewed and certified for quality, and can be accessed for free through the Alberta Official Statistics website. This information is used regularly to inform government policy and decision making, as well as by educators, researchers, and others who may need information about the province.

Some examples of the statistics available in the Alberta Official Statistics include:

  • Alberta’s population grew by 2.5 per cent between 2011 and 2012 - more than twice as fast as Canada’s national average.
  • Alberta is the only province in Canada with more men than women. In 2012, there were an estimated 104 men for every 100 women.
  • Between May 2012 and May 2013, Alberta’s average weekly earnings increased by 4.9 per cent. This growth rate was higher than the national average.
  • The largest sources of interprovincial migrants to Alberta were Ontario, British Columbia and Saskatchewan during 2006-2011.
  • Albertans like staycations. In 2011, residents of Alberta made 19.05 million trips within the province, a 2.2 per cent increase compared to 2010 and accounting for 81.1 per cent of the province’s tourists.
  • Alberta’s top five agri-food export products in 2012 were wheat, canola seed, beef, crude canola oil and live cattle. The top markets we exported to were the United States, China, Japan, Mexico and South Korea.

Many of the statistics are also available in an open data format, either through the Alberta Official Statistics catalogue at www.officialstats.alberta.ca or through the Open Data portal.



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