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RCMP confirm no vandalism to historical site (Glenwood Erratic)

Friday, 21 September 2012. Posted in Shootin' the Breeze

RCMP confirm no vandalism to historical site (Glenwood Erratic)
    RCMP Confirm No Vandalism to Historical Site (Glenwood Erratic)
Cardston RCMP, with the assistance of Alberta Archeological Survey, the Royal Alberta Museum and Writing on Stone archeological department have investigated the report of damage to the Glenwood Erratic. As a result of that investigation, it has been determined that no wilful damage was done to this site.  A search of historical records yielded no documentation to indicate that any native culture pictographs or petroglyphs existed at this site.
RCMP have concluded their investigation and wish to express appreciation to the various departments that assisted us with this incident.
"We are very pleased that there was no known willful damage to a historical site in our area," said Inspector Joe McGeough, of Southern Alberta District RCMP. "The RCMP takes very seriously the history and heritage of Alberta, especially when one considers that it ties so closely to our own."