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P.C. council discusses changes to recycling, road safety

Friday, 11 June 2021. Posted in Shootin' the Breeze

P.C. council discusses changes to recycling, road safety

P.C. council discusses changes to recycling, road safety
By Sean Oliver
Local Journalism Initiative Reporter

From recycling services to roadway safety, Pincher Creek town council had several discussions of public interest during its May 25 regular meeting and June 2 committee of the whole meeting.


Since the announcement in February that the Town of Pincher Creek would not renew its recycling contract with KJ Cameron Service Industries, questions about how recycling services would continue have gone unanswered.

“We’ve not really done a great job of explaining what the process is going to be,” said Coun. Scott Korbett.

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The town decided not to renew the contract in order to pursue a regional recycling approach with the MD and the Crowsnest/Pincher Creek Landfill Association. The plan has hit some snags, however, with potential recycling sites falling through.

With KJ Cameron no longer accepting cardboard, paper, tin and plastic at the end of June, Coun. Korbett inquired what arrangements were being made to ensure recycling services continue for the community. 

For starters, the bottle depot will still operate as usual.

Bins provided by the landfill, added Coun. Brian McGillivray, will be in place at the Co-op Ranchland Centre parking lot in the next week.

“From what I’ve been told at the board of the landfill, they’re taking responsibility for it with equipment on the Co-op parking lot on the 1st of July, but it will be there likely a week before,” Coun. McGillivray said. 

The MD is currently considering options for where to move the recycling equipment stored at KJ Cameron’s location.

Safer streets

After council had a lengthy discussion during the May 25 meeting on safety issues on Bev McLachlin Drive, director of operations Al Roth attended the June 2 committee of the whole meeting to discuss options for mitigating traffic risks in town.

Painting a centre line was touted as a possible solution, but Mr. Roth said supply-chain problems stemming from the Texas snowstorms and blocked Suez Canal earlier this year would delay the town’s ability to paint a centre line until the end of summer.

“We in particular do not have any paint anyway, period,” he said. Any paint left over from last year, he added, was already being used. “We’re in the process of inquiring with other municipalities if they are also in the same boat.”

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Painting a centre line, he continued, requires an engineering report to ensure it is done properly; such a report would take until August to complete.

A line the length of Bev McLachlin Drive also requires equipment the town doesn’t have, requiring the job be contracted out — an expense not included in the 2021 budget.

A centre line, said Coun. Scott Korbett, was only one option to alleviate safety concerns on the street.

“I see lots of areas in different communities where they have a sign that says high-collision location. It’s just a warning, there’s no provincial mandated fine or anything. Can we do something like that?” he asked.

“Honestly,” replied Mr. Roth, “my opinion is we shouldn’t be doing anything until we have a significant amount of information coming back from our engineers — that’s what we pay them to do. I’m not a traffic expert; I would just caution against putting anything up right now.”

Coun. Korbett expressed concern that, while taking time to gather information would cover future liabilities, the current liability of council not mitigating a hazard it is aware of demanded attention. 

“I would actually rather not hire an engineer,” said Coun. Korbett, “and try and find some common-sense solutions that may mitigate some risk here.”

Coun. Mark Barber agreed. “I think I prefer the ‘do something’ than ‘do nothing,’ ” he said.

Council voted in favour of administration coming back to the June 14 council meeting with options to mitigate the traffic risks identified at Bev McLachlin and Canyon drives, as well as keeping the item on future agendas until it is resolved.

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