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MD council votes ‘no’ on Twin Butte storage facility

Friday, 06 May 2022. Posted in Shootin' the Breeze

MD council votes ‘no’ on Twin Butte storage facility

By Sean Oliver
Local Journalism  Initiative Reporter

A proposal to rezone a property just north of Twin Butte failed to pass second reading during the MD of Pincher Creek’s April 26 council meeting.

The property in question sits at the southwest corner of land located at NW-4-4-29-W4, just east of Highway 6. The owner requested that council rezone the property from hamlet single-detached residential to hamlet commercial to allow the development of a commercial storage facility.

A public hearing for the proposed change was held April 12. Local residents expressed concern at the hearing that the storage facility would be unsightly and lower adjacent property values. The risk of increased crime, snow accumulation, and water and soil issues were also raised as potential issues.

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Ultimately, council members decided to vote against the motion due to the types of development permitted under hamlet commercial zoning. Not only would a storage facility be allowed, but hotels, auto dealerships and restaurants are all permitted developments, meaning the property owner could develop such commercial projects without any input from local residents or the Municipal Planning Commission.

While the MD is not opposed to such developments, Reeve Rick Lemire said proposals like a storage facility had to be appropriate to the location.

“It’s too bad it wasn’t in another area where it would be more suitable,” he said.

The next council meeting will be held Tuesday, May 10, 6 p.m. at MD council chambers.