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Happy Boss's Day

Friday, 16 October 2020. Posted in Shootin' the Breeze

Happy Boss's Day

Every October, Shootin’ the Breeze invites readers to offer a shout-out to their employer or manager for Boss’s Day, which falls on Oct. 16.

This day of acknowledgement was established in 1962 to show appreciation and recognition for all good bosses and the challenging positions they hold.

The Covid-19 pandemic has presented both employers and employees with a vast array of obstacles to overcome this year, and working as a team has taken on new importance.

The following words of praise were offered to local bosses:

Lisa Attaway, Attaway Inspired Ltd.

She works unbelievably hard and will always put her employees first. We always feel like she has our backs.

Aynsley Baker, Harvest Coffeehouse

Aynsley has been so encouraging and supportive throughout everything these past months. She cares deeply and makes sure we are all doing well. I am proud to have her as my boss. Since I started working at Harvest I have grown and learned so much from her. She has taught me how to be a supportive boss, to teach the staff through learning and guiding. I wouldn’t be the Harvest manager without Aynsley supporting me and teaching me new things each time I meet with her. She is an awesome and amazing boss!

Aynsley Baker, Tamarack Outdoor Outlet

There are so many awesome things about Aynsley, but the one that stands out the most is that she does not treat us as her employees, she treats us more as partners. She always starts the week off by asking me how I’m feeling and letting me know how important my input is to her and the operation of the business. She really is a phenomenal person and I’m truly lucky to be on her team.

Rhonda Bond, Rocky Mountain Optometry

Rhonda can see what makes every person an individual. From a sense of humour to a sense of empathy, she recognizes a person’s strengths and she relates effortlessly. She teaches without making it seem like work, even though it is. She makes our office run so smoothly I cannot imagine this job without her.

Sariah Brasnett, Pincher Creek Emergency Services Commission

Sariah can handle any challenge that she has to face in order to make our workplace fair and rewarding. She took on the job as deputy chief shortly before the pandemic.

Jason Carney, Westcastle Motors

He has a great attitude and is more like a leader.

Chelan Citrigno, X-ray department, Pincher Creek Health Centre

Chelan is a wonderful boss. She is kind, compassionate and caring towards all of her staff. We have laughed with her and cried with her. Chelan is willing to accommodate our various needs and still keep the needs of the department at the forefront. She is always open to change and most often up for some of our crazy ideas. Chelan is more of a friend than a boss, however she still has all the qualities we need in a great leader. We appreciate her leadership as well as her ability to keep us all under control. Thanks Chelan, for all you do for us and our department. Your X-Ray Team.

Wayne Cleaver, Alberta Parks

He is passionate about his job, a great leader — sincere, funny as ever, genuine and encouraging to all members of our ever-evolving team! 

Shannon Donovan, Pincher Creek Co-op

She’s the most amazing person ever, so kind and sweet. I’m proud to say I have the best boss ever! 

Lisa Fox, Blairmore hospital food service

She is very empathetic and awesome to get along with.

Rosanna Higginbotham, Providence Salon and Spa

Rosanna is an incredible business owner! She goes above and beyond to make clients happy but she also does the same for her staff. She cares and wants to see us succeed, and gives us the tools to help us do that. She is such a kind human who gives honest and great advice, but she can also have fun and laugh with us. She also worked hard and renovated the space all during Covid, basically so I could join the team — who does that?! 

Nikki Hucik, Lung function clinic

Very easy-going and accommodating.

Pat Neumann, Pincher Creek Emergency Services Commission

Pat is a great example of a great leader. He will give you the shirt off his back and always wants to make sure everyone is OK.

Chelsey Olson, Pincher Creek Eye Clinic

She shows kindness, compassion and understanding on a daily basis!

Len Olson, Pincher Creek Downtown Improvement Association

He is the most awesome and works hard to improve the whole downtown core of Pincher Creek. He always puts others before himself.

Joanne Paton, Creative Designs

She is spectacular! Joanne works so hard and really deserves to be treated special. She loves her customers and stays late to meet her orders. She takes the time to teach me about the business and always has a smile for the people she works for. 

Dawn Rigby, Country Encounters

She goes above and beyond for her staff and is very understanding and compassionate. Dawn always makes her customers feel welcome.

Jim Reidlhuber, Vista Village

Jim is awesome because he cares about our residents and staff, he is easy to talk to, follows up with our concerns, is efficient and well organized. Thank you Jim, for all that you do! 

Al Roth, Town of Pincher Creek

Al is a breath of fresh air as a manager. While being supportive and providing guidance where needed, he does not micromanage. He respects ideas and opinions that are contrary to his own. He encourages training, continuing education and career growth. For the past 19 years he has been dedicated to making Pincher Creek a great place to live, work and play. 

Vince Yost, Pincher Creek Meats

1. Where do I start, this guy has a huge heart! In all my jobs he is, and I am not kidding, hands down the best one I have ever had. Vince has consistent and meaningful communication and is very supportive and honest. He knows what staff need or are feeling and is very empathetic. The fun, the laughter — this boss is amazing! I don’t have a bad thing to say. Not just saying that because he’s the boss, if you met Vince you will know!

2. He rewards you if you work really hard.

A winner of lunch with their boss was selected from these submissions by random draw. Congratulations to Hanna Traversano, who will take her boss, Dawn Rigby, out to Vito’s for lunch courtesy of Shootin’ the Breeze.

Happy Boss’s Day to all!

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