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False Alarm at Pincher Creek Hospital

Friday, 16 July 2021. Posted in Shootin' the Breeze

False Alarm at Pincher Creek Hospital

 Patients and staff were evacuated from the Pincher Creek Health Centre as a precautionary measure.

False Alarm at Pincher Creek Hospital
By Mia Parker
Community Journalist

The Pincher Creek Hospital was evacuated earlier today over what was perceived to be a harmful gas leak. Fortunately, it was a false alarm and no one was put in danger. 

Health Centre site manager Lindsay Rypien shares the details of what happened late this morning. 

“We have protocols, so when there is a smell or something that’s unidentifiable, we do a code green evacuation,” she explains. “What that means is we follow an emergency response plan, that means for a code green it’s a site evacuation so we have everyone go out front of the hospital to the muster points until we identify the source.”

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In this case, the smell identified was coming from an external point and was entering the hospital through the vent system.

“Everything ended up working out really well, it was to me a win-win situation since the staff were able to keep the patients safe and evacuate them in a very timely manner — we did it in under five minutes.”

Firefighters responded to the scene immediately and made sure there was no threat on site before everyone was let back in. 

Each department in the hospital is equipped with a binder outlining the proper procedure for each hazard code and healthcare staff responded immediately and efficiently by following their department’s respective plan. 

Approximately 140 people were in the hospital at the time, including staff and patients. 

“In this case we also got guidance from dispatch to leave the doors open and make sure everyone is accounted for, so we really followed those procedures to the tee and I’m proud to say the timing of the evacuation was outstanding,” says Lindsay.

“An uneventful event.”

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