Imagine the possibilities

By Shannon Peace
Shootin’ the Breeze Publisher
January 21, 2023
Imagine the possibilities that may be waiting for you just around the bend

“Like me, I hope you found at least one day over the holidays that was truly good for your soul. Sunrise and sunset will always come back to back — the sweet part is making the most of what comes in between.”

I wrote those words five years ago to go with this photo, taken as the sun rose to bring in the new year. I stood in waist-deep snow at the Pine Ridge viewpoint with this gorgeous view all to myself.

The black devastation left by the Kenow wildfire was buried by a clean, white slate — a blank canvas to encourage residents to look ahead to a new year.

January tends to bring out reflectiveness and a desire to be better to oneself and to others — it’s a time when possibilities and optimism blossom.

Pulling up to the viewpoint that morning, light blues, purples and pinks glowed behind me to the north. Before long the morning sky produced these glorious hues.


Traeger barbecue loaded with meat, vegetables and a pie in an ad promoting barbecues from Rocky Mountain Mechanical as wedding gifts


As the sky brightened, the first rays of the sunrise began to peek out from the mountains to the south. Here I revelled in how quickly things can change, the value of community and the resilience that shone through that difficult time.

We came through the challenges created by Kenow together, and the theme of the 2018 editorial was one of possibilities.

I was looking through pictures on my husband’s phone last week and discovered he had saved that page. My reflection turned to what our community has been through in the past three years — Covid-19 has changed us all in some way — and I decided it was a lovely image and sentiment to share again.

As we hope to be coming out on the other side of the pandemic, we can refocus again and think about possibilities.

Wishing you the best on the road ahead this year.


Advertisement poster for annual general meeting of Pincher Creek Metis Local 1880
Wedding setting of white tables and chairs in a greenhouse promoting Crowsnest Mountain Weddings as an indoor and outdoor venue
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